Travelling is one of the most intriguing hobbies in one’s life as one travel and gets to meet up new people around, get acquainted and share their real stories or life experiences. Bonfires/campfires are arranged during nights for the travelers to provide warmth in open cool spaces and also to ignite an air of entertainment inside the camps. As the bonfire starts sparkling the night, holidaymakers come out of their camps and assemble around it. Bonfires or these campfires are part of daily routine in the camps and is awaited by the guests. Staying alone in the camps could have sounded dull but if one camp in groups, then the excitement gets doubled. These bonfires bring a source of happiness amongst camps and people just forget about their day to day stresses and worries for short time. Travelers share their never forgotten happy moments of their life amongst each other around the bonfires.

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