If you love extreme adventure sports, then you should try out our 4*4 Off-Roading Safari in our 4*4 Hilux around Tipperary Estate. On this trip you will be exploring the unknown beauty of our Tipperary Estate. Generally a off-roading is a sport or activity of driving a 4*4 vehicle our rough terrain. But our 4*4 off-roading safari is something special since all of the major 4*4 adventures creates some thrill on the way where the 4*4 vehicle is operated. But our 4*4 Off-Roading Adventure not only creates thrill and excitement, it also creates happiness since it passes through a lot of scenic beauties of Tipperary Estate that includes coffee plantations, pepper plantations, scenic view points and other places of attractions in Tipperary Estate. We take for off-roading during morning, noon, evening and night. In our morning trip you will be delighted on the chirping birds, magnificent sunrise and crystal clear view of Salem city. In our noon trip, you will be taken to our pepper plantation and coffee plantation and coffee factory. The evening and midnight trips are much more thrilling, where the vehicle moves through the dark. The city lights from Salem city makes you a feel of passing over a galaxy of stars. And during this trip you might have the probability to watch the bison that will make your trip more exciting and memorable.

I own a 4*4 vehicle. Can i off-road at Tipperary Estate ?

Yes. We provide our off-road track for the ones who are intersted in going for a off-road drive in their own 4*4 vehicle.

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