Stay the night at the Treehouse. It is approximately 550 Sq. ft. 100 feet above ground level overlooking the stunning valley. The birds chirping and gentle breeze amid trees at that elevation is a heady feeling and if you are lucky you can spot bison. As the roof is transparent you can see the star spangled sky on a clear night. The valley view has to be experienced in the night and the memories will be etched in your mind forever. Absolutely meant for nature lovers.

At the Treehouse you can spend time where You will experience nature as you have never before. Zero services provided to ensure privacy. People travelling in your own vehicle will feel more comfortable to reach the market for groceries or restaurants (1.5 kms) from the treehouse. Every hour spent at the treehouse will be rejuvenating. A half washroom and a complete bathroom is available in the treehouse. Wifi is provided, as you are going to stay inside an estate there might be some network interruption you can use it when it works. The view up here is awesome and in the night the lights of Salem will be stunning. The silver oaks, the birds, the ambiance of the coffee estate gives a real forest feeling which makes it adventurous.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the weather turns inclement or storm warning is given by Meteorological Department, we will move you to safer location nearby. You have the choice in continuing to stay if you so desire.

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